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Tissue Paper Game

Pull out all tissue papers from a box.

How to Play

  • To play, click "START" button.
  • After the countdown, drag tissue papers to the upper direction.
  • When you drag them to a certain position, they move automatically.
  • After they get out of the screen, you can work on the next one.
  • Pull out all tissue papers and the game is finished.

About Score Ranking

Score Ranking here.

Entry requirements

  • Finish the game in 120 seconds.
  • Break your own record.
    Suppose you finish the game in 80 seconds for the first time, in 85 seconds for the second time and in 75 seconds in the third time.
    In this instance, the score of first and third one will be registered.

Top 100 will be shown on the score ranking.
The score ranking is monthly-updated.


  • Papers are precious resources.
    Please, economize the real tissue papers.
  • There is also Toilet Paper game.