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Brain Age Test 01 (Instantaneous Memory)

How to Play

This is a brain training game which enables you to strengthen your instantaneous memory and eyesight.

  1. Click [START]. After a countdown (wait for 3,2,1), you will see some numbers.
    • 説明1
  2. Memorize the number's position on the screen quickly. The numbers will disappear for 0.7 seconds.
  3. Then, the circles appear as below.
    • 説明2
  4. Click on the circles from the smallest number to the biggest number.
  5. In this question, click 3→8→9.
    • 説明3
  6. After 10 questions, the program will tell your brain age on the screen.
    Aim at the brain age of 20.

Brain Age Training Effect

By activating prefrontal region of the brain, it will prevent a memory loss and cultivate a memory ability and a concentration.

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