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Brain Age Test 02 (Mathematic Signs)

Answer correct mathmatic signs (×・÷・+・-) in the blank.
If you are poor at doing the math in your head or calculating, strengthen the mathematical ability by solving questions repeatedly.

How to play.

  1. Click "START" and the question with the blank will appear on the screen.
  2. [ 11?2 = 13 ] is supposed to be [ 11 + 2 = 13 ]. Therefore, the answer of this question is [+].
  3. Answer by clicking the mathematic signs below.
    For the question above, clicking [+] is a right answer.
  4. After 30 questions, the program will show your brain age on the screen.
  5. Aim at the brain age of 20.
  6. Solving questions repeatedly is recommended to people whose brain is unlikely to be younger and who has poor mathematical ability.
    Mental Arithmetic


  • The brain age is calculated based on a percentage of correct answers and answering speed.
  • After solving the questions over and over, you will be able to find correct answers to multiplication and division smoothly and instantaneously.

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