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BMI Measurement

This program calculates your BMI score from your height and weight.


  • Enter your height and weight in centimeters and kilograms, respectively.
    Then, click "Start" button.
  • At first, you will see your ideal weight calculated from the height.
  • Next, BMI score will be shown and a bar on the right extend upward.
  • Finally, the program will tell your BMI score.
    (underweight, normal, degree of obesity 1 to 4)

What is BMI?

  • BMI is an abbreviation for body-mass index and tells a degree of obesity
    based on height and weight.
  • According to the Japan Society for the Study of Obesity, a healthy BMI score
    is 22. Human statistically has the lowest disease risk at the BMI score of
    BMI score of higher than 25 is considered overweight and that of lower than
    18 is considered underweight.
BMI obesity  
higher than 40 obesity 4 The higher BMI score is, the more risks of hyperlipidemia, high-blood
pressure and diabetes you will be exposed to.
35 to under 40 obesity 3
30to under 35 obesity 2
25 to under 30 obesity 1
18 to under 25 Normal Ideal weight. Please, take the best care of your body.
under 18 Underwiehgt Do you eat breakfast?