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Dolphin 01

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Dolphin 01

How to play

How to move the piece 1
Move the piece with drag and drop operations
How to move the piece 2
Hold the cursor over the piece and then press [Ctrl] or [Z] key to pick it up.
When you let your finger off the key, you can put the piece down.
Change Background Patterns
Click the color button on the bottom left to change background patterns.
Change Image Quality
Click [quality] button on the bottom right to change image quality.
If the pieces do not move smoothly, please try to lower image quality.
Disable Sound Effects
Click [♪] button on the bottom right to disable sound effects.
If the puzzle is too large for your screen,
press [F11] key and you can enlarge it to fill the screen.
To restore the size, press [F11] key again.

When the puzzle is unshown

Flash Player To play these jigsaw puzzles, the most recent Flash Player is needed.
The newest Flash Player is available at Adobe website for free.