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Brain Age Test 03 (Color Distinction)

This is the third brain age traing game, color distinction.
Answer the color of "letters". After 20 questions, the program will tell your brain age.

How to play

  • Click "START" and the letters will appear.
  • Answer a color of the biggest letters on the top of the screen.
  • Choose the answer from answer buttons in the bottom of the screen.
    Do not be swayed by the color and letters of answer buttons. Click the answer button on which the color of the question's letters is shown.
  • Briefly, for this question, because the color of the question's letter is red,
    click [Red] from answer buttons.
    brain age test 03
  • Let's check out another test.
    brain age test 03brain age test 03
  • After 20 questions, you will see your brain age on the screen.
    Aim at the brain age of 20.
    Less mistakes and shorter you answer, your score will be better.

Color training in world's languages

  • This brain training game is available in English as well as others.
    Now, we offer 10 languages. Please choose the language at the start.
Japanese あか あお くろ しろ きいろ みどり
紅色 藍色 黑色 白色 黄色 绿色
Dutch Rood Blauw Zwart Wit Geel Groen
English Red Blue Black White Yellow Green
French Rouge Bleu Noir Blanc Jaune Vert
German Rot  Blau Schwarz Weis Gelb Grun
Italian Rosso Blu Nero Bianco Giallo Verde
Korean 빨강 파랑 검정 하양 노랑 녹색
Portuguese Vermelho Azul Preto Branco Amarelo Verde
Spanish Rojo Azul Negro Blanco Amarillo Verde

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